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Tool Gun

128 KB, 2 years ago, 69 downloads, 173 views, by Shock

A Wrench Replacement With Style

Has a longer range using raycasts, faster firing rate, four different modes spread among "Simple" and "Extra" categories, a familiar custom model/sound and a HUD similar to the New Duplicator's.


- Modify: Regular Wrench.
- Delete: Delete a brick (no trust required if admin).
- Print (Extra): Regular Printer.
- Interact (Extra): Process a brick's "onActivate" and "onToolgunInteract" input events.

Shortcut Commands

- /toolgun : Bring up Toolgun.
- /tg : Bring up Toolgun (alt).
- /mod : "Modify" mode.
- /del : "Delete" mode.
- /prt : "Print" mode.
- /int : "Interact" mode.


While in the default category "Simple" you will have 2 modes, "Modify" and "Delete", to cycle between the 2 categories use your "Light Key".

In addition, there are 2 extra modes you can enable by using your "Prev Seat Key", then cycling with the "Light Key" to get to the "Print" and "Interact" modes.

Your "Next Seat Key" will toggle the safety setting. Further details:

When the safety setting is ON, the Tool Gun will always default to "Modify" mode when unholstering.

When the safety setting is OFF, the Tool Gun will remember what mode you had set last.

The safety setting resets on player respawn/death.

What is "Interact"?

The provided "onToolgunInteract" input event is useful for eventers to test aspects of their event bricks, especially if it's a large event contraption. Using the "Interact" mode requires build trust.

Additional Information

By default, this will replace the Wrench on spawn, but this can be turned off in your preferences GUI (this does not overwrite the Wrench).

Third-Party Category/Mode Registration (for Developers)

Read the source for more information.

Addendum: Static Maps & shapes are compatible with this add-on.

Version 1.2.0 (2020-08-08 00:17:42)

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